June 17, 2022

Nature Bowl 2022: Family Challenge

Media contact: peter.tira@wildlife.ca.gov

Contest contact: genelle.treaster@wildlife.ca.gov

Back by popular demand, the Nature Bowl 2022: Family Challenge is hot off the presses and ready for Californians to enjoy.

The North Central Region of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife initiated this statewide, friendly competition during the pandemic. It is a delightful and educational way for families to get outside in nature—in your backyard, neighborhood and/or local wild areas—and have some real fun while working together to complete exciting nature activities.

Last year, families from across the state participated in the challenge. This year, we hope your family does too!

The challenge includes two Scavenger Hunts: one provided and the other created by your family. It also has an extra credit element of cataloging your found hunt items like a scientist.

The challenge is open to all California families with the deadline to enter on August 31.

To receive the Nature Bowl 2022: Family Challenge packet, either email genelle.treaster@wildlife.ca.gov or visit

https://wildlife.ca.gov/Regions/2/Nature-Bowl to download the packet.