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Friends of Stone Lakes NWR

Friends of Stone Lakes Nation Wildlife Refuge

The Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge Association, now known as Friends of Stone Lakes NWR, is a “friends” group which was formed in 1995 to support the Refuge and its staff in its resource management efforts, and to encourage the public’s use and enjoyment of the Refuge’s outstanding lands and facilities.


Friends of the Refuge is an official, independent non-profit organization of private individuals, who are united in their love of nature, their willingness to engage in public service, and in their desire to protect the Refuge’s resources for the long-term benefit of its wildlife and their appropriate use by public.

Friends of Stone Lakes NWR attempts to achieve these goals by two means:

  • Providing assistance to the Refuge staff, through community education and outreach, as well as through modest but focused financial assistance; and by

  • Engaging in public advocacy of those policies and programs of local and state government agencies, as well as those of private entities, which promise to best serve the goals and welfare of the Refuge.


More details on the Freinds' efforts and activities can be found on this website. Friends of Stone Lakes NWR welcomes the membership (and other forms of support) of those who share its goals and have the time, energy and other resources useful in their achievement.  Friends of the Refuge rewards its member through public recognition and by offering certain activities not available to non-members.

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