Friends of Stone Lakes Projects

Habitat Restoration

The Stone Lakes NWR Association, now known as Friends of Stone Lakes NWR has raised over $150,000 for several projects in the past few years.

Blue Heron Trail

Blue Heron Trails

The Blue Heron Trails is a new wildlife viewing and habitat study area that allows the Refuge to be open, for the first time, seven days a week from dawn to dusk.

Little Green Heron Playscape

Little Green Heron Playscape

The Little Green Heron Playscape will create a no-cost, nurturing, nature-filled outdoor space for children and families.

Habitat Restoration

Habitat Restoration

Strategically located for restoring and managing native Central Valley habitat within the 100-year floodplain along the Delta, Stone Lakes NWR acquired its first land in 1994.


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