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May 10, 2023


The Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge (SLNWR) is one of 568 units in the in the National Wildlife Refuge System (NWRS).  Taken as a whole, the NWRS  is now facing a staffing crisis that threatens its ability to protect biodiversity and provide recreational opportunities for all.  The Refuge System has lost over 800 permanent positions since 2011, an enormous 25% loss to its ability to combat invasive species, protect endangered species, conserve habitats and connect communities with nature (see link below for more detail on the impacts of the cut).

Stone Lakes NWR is one of the many units suffering from these reductions.  The Refuge budget was cut by 24% this fiscal year.  The Refuge staffing of six permanent positions has been cut by a third with two positions frozen until the Region’s budget improves.   Currently, there is no clear path to that happening.  The Friends of SLNWRA will be working with management to identify the specific impacts and advocate for restoration.

Check the website for updates and ways you can help.

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